Do YOU have the Courage To Change YOUR World?

It’s much easier than you think since Heaven has a Solution for every Earthly Problem

  • Do you see problems in your family, your business, education, and other systems that you long to solve?
  • ​Do you have the desire to make a profound impact in the world around you?
  • ​Are you ready to unlock the missing piece in your realm of influence?
  • ​Are you someone who dares to dream big for your family, your community, your business, and beyond?
  • ​Do you want to better understand how to access Heavenly Solutions for all these Earthly problems?

We Live In a World That’s Hungry For Change

Listen to the news media for 7 minutes and it’ll make you think that the world is getting worse and worse. 

But I believe the world is getting better and better and that every problem has a solution.

For example…imagine you were born 200 years ago…it’s 1823. The War has just ended…

There’s no air conditioning, no modern heat, no washing machines, no cars…

You have to prepare every single meal from scratch, all your food is cooked over a literal fire, you have to hand scrub every piece of clothing…
In order to “go to town” 7 miles away, you have to saddle a horse, maybe a carriage, and make the bumpy ride for almost an hour to get there.

Need to communicate with someone across the country??

You can’t just call them up, you have to write a letter and about 3 weeks later it will arrive. 

Then wait another 3-4 weeks to get a response. A conversation could take a year.

My Friends, The World IS Actually 
Getting Better

I think we can all agree that the world is much greater than it was 200 years ago. 

Modern technology has improved so many areas of our lives. We can travel quickly and efficiently across the country in about the same amount of time it took you to get to town.

We can communicate with someone instantly across the world through video conferencing. 
Slavery has been abolished, women now can vote, have rights and are being restored, we're seeing unity and respect being built among different cultures…so much progress has been made!

I’m not saying that there’s still no problems…there are. 

But overall life in 2023 has a lot more comforts for Americans than it did in 1823.

The Problems That We Have Today Are Different...

They are more complex…requiring revolutionary 
solutions to solve them. 
And I believe that YOU have the ability to bring solutions!

There are problems like what we see in education…how do you teach the masses while also helping them draw out their individuality?

Or what about healthcare? How do we make sure medical staff are paid well for what they know, while simultaneously making sure the patients can actually afford to pay for it?
Or how do we have a government system that maintains organization and safety, without overpowering and over controlling?

Heaven holds a solution for every Earthly Problem…But how do YOU access these Kingdom Blueprints?

That’s what we are going to talk about at the Kingdom Reformers Conference!
Kingdom Reformers Presents...

Kingdom Blueprints Conference
Heavenly Solutions for Earthly Problems

No matter what the idea, concept or system is that puts a fire in your belly…

We're going to dive into HOW you can be a part in getting solutions from heaven to bring down to implement on earth. 

This isn't your ordinary conference. We're here to equip you with the secrets of navigating the complexities of life and transforming every sphere you touch.

We will specifically be hitting on how you can get blueprints and game plans on how you can impact things like...
  • Families: Imagine unlocking hidden strategies that will revolutionize your family dynamics, infusing it with love, unity, and purpose.
  • Business: Picture yourself stepping into the realm of business with divine wisdom, experiencing unprecedented growth and success while maintaining integrity and compassion. 
  • Government and Education: Envision reshaping systems and institutions, infusing them with justice, fairness, efficiency and safety.
  • Arts & Entertainment: Explore the boundless creativity that God wants us to impart and appreciate in the realms of music, both secular and christian, in movies, event’s, theatrical shows and all other forms of creativity. 
  • Culture: What actually is culture? And how do we learn to appreciate it, shape it, and mold it into an idea that brings both appreciation and progression?
At Kingdom Reformers, we believe in the power of covert influence, meaning, you don’t have to show up wearing a Jesus sticker in order to move with the power of Jesus.  
We're not about imposing our beliefs on others, but rather demonstrating the irresistible love, grace, and wisdom of heaven in practical, relatable ways that draws people towards a change that makes earth begin to work like heaven.

List of Speakers and Topics

Our speakers, each a trailblazer in their respective fields, will share their firsthand experiences and insights on how to navigate these realms with the principles of the Kingdom.

Brian "Head" Welch of Korn

The Journey Of Personal Reformation

It’s not often that a 5 time Platinum (one of those TRIPLE Platinum) rockstar recording artist publicly walks out what it looks like to encounter King Jesus, disentangle himself from religion and then unapologetically re-engage original Kingdom purpose as Brian “Head” Welch has done! Get ready to hear his story first hand!

Dubb Alexander

The Kingdom Reformer Model

Dubb will kick off the conference by bringing definition to exactly what a Kingdom Reformer is and how YOU can show up AS one in the Systems of the World in order to transform them into the Realms of The Kingdom!

Accessing Heavenly Blueprints

Gain insight into the practical steps by which anyone can access Kingdom Blueprints - The Heavenly Solutions for every Earthly Problem! It is imperative that Kingdom people learn to partner Prophetic Intel with Apostolic Intelligence and apply them with Reformational Intentionality in order for Transformational Integration to occur.

Dr. Tony Robinson

Architecting A Kingdom Life

Dr. Tony is a master at asking you the right question at the right time in order to pull the dream out of your heart and accelerate you into making it a reality! That’s really what The Kingdom is all about right? Seeing the unseen realm manifest into the seen? What would it look like for you to build the life that God dreamed of you having?!

Ryan Pena

Theological Reformation In The Church

The Church as we know it today today is undergoing a radical theological transformation! The level of equipping resulting in mature saints will change the world at an unprecedented pace! After decades of healthy cutting edge Church leadership Ryan will be sharing how you can keep your heart free from offense and partner with the Church in the reformation She is currently experiencing!

Brian Orme

Integrating Supernatural Realities

There is no one on the planet (and we’re not 100% sure that he IS from THIS Planet) that has the ability to bring practical application to the the most mysterious, mystical and miraculous encounters that are available in The Kingdom! Experience what it looks like to apprehend and apply the supernatural edge in your Kingdom assignment and prepare for breakthrough like never before!

Matt Gonzales

Navigating The Artificial Intelligence Age

While there is a lot of speculation (not to mention a lot of religious fear) surrounding this emerging age of Artificial Intelligence, there is nothing to fear as a Kingdom Reformer as we are not only equipped with the trump card of Divine Intelligence but have the authority to press AI into the service of King Jesus for the advancement of His Kingdom! Be encouraged and equipped by Matt Gonzales on this topic and leave empowered to engage your assignment with wisdom, knowledge and understanding!

Drew Neal

Understanding The Concept of Culture

There are few people who have the ability to take complex structures and make them easily understandable like this Master of Transformational Wisdom! As Dr. Myles Munroe would always say “That which you misunderstand you will mismanage”. Be equipped to steward culture at a whole ‘notha level as Drew takes the stage to bring understanding to the infrastructure of culture. 

Pastor Jim Hennesy

Kingdom Blueprints For Revival

Without the Revival of the Individual there is no Reformation of Systems. Revival and Reformation must run hand in hand in order for The Kingdom to advance effectively upon the Earth. Jim and Becky Hennesy are some of the few Church leaders today with a track record of successfully stewarding true revival in a multicultural, multigenerational Church. Let’s keep the necessity and benefits of revival in the mix with the keys that Jim will share!

Abdiel & Rosemary Ruiz

Stewarding Kingdom Wealth Generationally 

One of the most consistent hinderances to the Kingdom Reformer being able to fully engage their purpose is lack of funding. This is the result of religion demonizing money and twisting scripture in such a way that believers have shied away from rather than learning how to take dominion over finances. Long time successful business owners Abdiel and Rosemary Ruiz are on a mission to equip the Body of Christ with practical wisdom when it comes to stewarding wealth in such a way that the Kingdom purpose of generations to come will be well funded for the glory of God!

Kingdom Music Panel

Brian "Head" Welch, Sharon Roshell, & Dubb Alexander

What happens when a Lead singer to a Mainstream Metal Band, a Worship Singer, and Ex-Youth Pastor get together to discuss music and culture??

You get an authentic conversation about music and how it shapes culture.

In this conversation, the panelists will revelate on how the articulation of thought when partnered with the sound of a generation can be one of the most powerful forces on Earth when it comes to shaping culture - inside AND outside the Church!

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